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The languages of the network

Our subtitlers work in languages from across the continent of Africa. You can find the list of languages currently available by looking at the Buspar order online page. 

Africa is home to an estimates 2000 languages, spoken by the approximately 1.2 billion people living there. While there continues to exist a common misconception that former colonial, and often still state official languages, of French, English, and Portuguese continue to have primacy as languages across Africa, they are spoken as first languages by a small minority of speakers when compared to indigenous African languages.

These indigenous languages range from widely spoken West African languages such as Hausa, Yoruba, with an estimated 30 million speakers of each across Nigeria, or Akan, spoken by 11 million native speakers in Ghana. To East African languages such as Swahilli, with an estimated over 100 million people speakers it as a first or second language, or Chewa, spoken by 10 million people across Malawi, Zimbabwe, and understood by millions more in Zambia. The list can go on, and with each language comes a community of speakers bringing with them unique cultural identities, as well as histories and a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Why subtitle your content into Africa languages? 

Just like any language community around the world, African language speakers today are connected, interested, and ready to see your work.  Technology companies continue to make access to social media, and video on demand platforms accessible across the continent, and data providers have the continent increasingly well covered with high speed mobile and broadband data coverage. So today, there is an opportunity for film and video content producers to find significant new audiences for their work, and the AFTN can help you do just that.